Healthcare For All Hawaii


Many people want to fix health care in Hawaii.

Many people understand the value of a Single Payer Health Care Plan, which is also called Improved and extended Medicare-For-All, or, Universal Health Care.

What all of these plans are describing is a way of simplifying health care by eliminating insurance company micromanagment, and, by changing health care from a commodity into a public service.

Just like water, you don't want competing companies to sell you various water services.

Just like police, you don't want competing police departments to offer cut rate 911 services.

Just like roads, you don't want tolls on your roads.

You want a city with some public services.

Health Care needs to be understood as a right, not a commodity.






Alan Burdick is our chief political guide and author.

Dr. Stephen Kemble is the hero of professional paper writing; he is a Single Payer Architect

Erynn Fernandez is our communications specialist

Daria Fand is our word smith

Bart Dame is in the background, ready to provide the necessary strategic support

Karen Cobeen is our new media out reach specialist

Dennis Miller is just trying to lower the cost of his worker comp policy.


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